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The OVSUTAU project has ended.

In 2012, OVSUTAU was founded as a passion project by Ovs2007 and their friends. 8 unique characters were created, and 7 of them had fully recorded voicebanks. ONGAKU, being the voicebank recorded by Ovs2007, received an almost full-featured Append set of voicebanks. While most of these voicebanks were not released, they taught us a lot about the UTAU software as well as vocal synthesis in general. We would like to thank you for your continued support of our characters and voicebanks. If you would like to obtain any of our voicebanks, please email us at [email protected], and please keep in mind that some of these voicebanks are not complete, however feel free to edit the oto.ini to your heart's content. Please continue to respect the Terms of Use regarding all of our voicebanks and characters.



Ovs2007 is currently under a new name (@sour_supreme on SoundCloud) and is working on a new project relating to UTAU. Follow them on SoundCloud for updates on this project.