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Voicebank Downloads

Japanese CV/VCV Voicebanks:


Kotone Arisu CV v1.0: Coming Summer 2016

Kimiko Mi CV v1.0: Coming Summer 2016

Yamane Sora CV v1.0: Coming Soon!

Yamaguchi Hanako CV v1.0: Coming Soon!

Amaine Hiroshi CV v1.0: Coming Soon!

Ueda Chihiro CV(VC) v1.0: Coming Soon!

Append CV(VC) Voicebanks:

ONGAKU Append CV(VC) v1.0: Coming Summer 2016

Google Chrome Theme Downloads

Kotone Arisu Theme: KotoneArisutheme.crx
NEW! Kimiko Mi Theme: Kimiko_Mi_theme.crx
Yamane Sora Theme: Coming Soon!
Yamaguchi Hanako Theme: Coming Soon!
Amaine Hiroshi Theme: Coming Soon!
Ueda Chihiro Theme: Coming Soon!

MMD/MMM Model Downloads

ONGAKU v1.0: Coming Soon!

SHOMEI v1.0: Coming Soon!

Kotone Arisu v1.0: Coming Soon!

Kimiko Mi v1.0: Coming Soon!

Yamane Sora v1.0: Coming Soon!

Yamaguchi Hanako v1.0: Coming Soon!

Amaine Hiroshi v1.0: Coming Soon!

Ueda Chihiro v1.0: Coming Soon!

MP3/Video Downloads

Answer (BETA) - Kimiko Mi:  MediaFire
Sweet Devil (BETA) - Yamaguchi Hanako: MediaFire
Yuragi (BETA) - SHOMEI: MediaFire
You're a Worthless Child (BETA2) - Yamaguchi Hanako: Mediafire
Burenai Ai De (BETA2) - Yamaguchi Hanako: SoundCloud
Answer (Duet with ONGAKU) - SHOMEI: SoundCloud
Putting Dreams into Technology - SHOMEI: SoundCloud
Getting Faster and Faster - SHOMEI: MediaFire
Null - ONGAKU: MediaFire
Life's Reset Button - SHOMEI: SoundCloud
Rin Rin Signal - SHOMEI and ONGAKU: SoundCloud
Chaining Intention - ONGAKU: SoundCloud
Meteor - SHOMEI: SoundCloud
Drop Pop Candy - ONGAKU and SHOMEI: SoundCloud
Piano Lesson - ONGAKU: SoundCloud
Saihate (Heavenly Mix) - Kimiko Mi: SoundCloud
Amazing Magician - Kimiko Mi: SoundCloud
White Letter - Kotone Arisu: SoundCloud

Terms of Use Download*

Terms of Use Main ver: OVSUTAUTermsofUse.pdf (1pg.)

*Terms of Use is included in all of our products.

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