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OVSUTAU RELEASE「メテオ」CU01♀: SHOMEI (ショメイ) Add Video

OVSUTAU website: http://ovsutau.webs.com/

OVSUTAU Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ovsutau

ONGAKU and SHOMEI download: http://ovsutau.webs.com/downloads

ONGAKU and SHOMEI (along with all of the other OVSUTAU voicebanks) have been in development since 2012. We know that is an extraordinary long development time frame for CV voicebanks. There were lots of real-world factors that got in the way of us developing these voicebanks to the point of release, but finally, after all this time, they are ready.

ONGAKU and SHOMEI are twin siblings who were struck by lightning, which gave them "electric" singing voices. Both are CV Japanese voicebanks, with extra sounds for Engrish and expanded Japanese.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped out along the way:

- 3DFantasy (thank you SO much for the amazing videos, the beta testing, and your wonderful tips!)

- Kimochi Kowareta (thank you so much for the beta testing and songwriting!)

- Ame Arashi (thank you so much for the beautiful artwork and beta testing)

- Tenshine Koori (thank you for the awesome demo cover and beta testing!)

- UTAU Haruko (thank you for beta testing!)

- ReVolpe (thank you for the amazing artwork!)

- FicLoverSmiles (thank you for the amazing artwork!)

- CenturyStars (thank you for the beautiful artwork!)

MP3: https://soundcloud.com/osuka-p/ovsutau-releasecu01-shomei

And thank you to all of you who have been with us all these years!

Please enjoy these voicebanks and send us links of your creations!

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