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IMPORTANT INFO: Kotone ArisuKimiko Mi, and ONGAKU Append are available for BETA testing! Email us for details!


Kotone Arisu: 2017

Kimiko Mi: 2017
ONGAKU Append: 2017

Yamane Sora: 2017
Yamaguchi Hanako: 2017
Amaine Hiroshi: 2017
Ueda Chihiro: 2017

Latest OVSUTAU Demo

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Beyond the World of Glasses (Append)

What is OVSUTAU?

OVSUTAU is a project led by オスカーP, which consists of eight UTAU voicebanks. These voicebanks have been in development for several years, however we are planning on rolling them all out within 2015 and 2016. They will feature dynamic, clear voicebanks with several different voice types, as well as unique character designs, and professional logos and artwork. The project hopes to bring you closer to your music, as well as inspire you to create.

What is UTAU?

歌声合成ツールUTAU is a vocal synthesis tool created by Ameya/Ayema-P, which allows users to take voice samples (known as voicebanks) and create a full-featured singing voice, able to sing anything the user wants. While there are other tools like VOCALOID and CeVIO that can achieve the same goal, UTAU is significant in that anyone can create voicebanks for use in this software.

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